San Diego Comic Con International

First a note to those who have never been to the San Diego Comic Con International featuring comics and all things pop art related.  If you have never been take a moment and think of the last con of any variety that you went to.  Was it crowded?  Hard to move around?  How many people were attending that con?  45,000?  50,000?  Those are the two best guesses we've gotten so far for how many people were at the San Diego Comic Con in 2001.  (Last I heard they plan for an annual growth of 10%)

If you have never before been to a convention with 1,000 exhibitors, and at almost all times 10-25 hollywood personalities signing, then you are in for a real treat.

Con is huge, and takes a little getting used to -- but with a good mindset walking in you can have a wonderful time.  Our first and perhaps most important piece of advice is really quite simple -- wear comfortable shoes!  I took a pedometer to the con this year, Friday I walked 4 miles, and Saturday and Sunday I walked 3 miles each!  I spend my days at a computer writing, not walking 3 and 4 miles a day, but with the help of very good comfortable, well broken in shoes, I survived.

In this section of the site, we hope to introduce you to this event.  If we are lucky, some of the advice we offer will be of use to you, and if we are very lucky, nothing we say will take you off course! :)  Though things do change from year to year, and all of our concrete remarks will be directed at the previous conventions, using 2001 as the most recent and therefore best example.