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WebPosted September 10, 2002
By Kay Kellam
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SPOILERS! If you missed the season finale -- and don't want to know anything about what may come in Season 2 of Alias DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE!

    The new season is about to begin -- perhaps it is time to take a moment to recall where we left our various characters.

    Sydney, Vaughn & Sydney's father, Jack Bristow headed off to the orient, right back to the dentist Sydney had seen in the beginning of season 1 (well, he functions as a dentist minus the anesthesia but isn't the type you make an appointment with) and in the end she came face to face with the man, who turned out to be a) a woman, and worse yet, b) Sydney's long assumed dead mother!

    While coming face to face with her mother was a very rude shock, Sydney is in much better shape than Vaughn who was last seen trying to breath in a pool of black goopy watery stuff.

    Yes, Alias loves their cliffhanger endings, and at the end of season 1 we were left to wonder if Vaughn would ever get another breath of air much less fresh air.

    Will Tipin, the major character who had been left in the lurch at the end of the previous episode when the audience thought he had been shot was relieved to have been hit with a tranquilizer and finds himself not only alive at the end of the season finale -- but hugging Jack Bristow!

    So season 2 finds Sydney a prisoner of her own mother -- with her father and Will trying to figure out if she made it out alive, and having no clue that Vaughn is swimming in a Rambaldi fluid, which truthfully just can't be good!

    At the San Diego Comic Con JJ Abrams said that Will Tipin will get some good use in Season 2.  He is no longer the reporter trying to uncover what is going on with SD6, now he knows that uncovering SD6 would be the end of his beloved friend Sydney, so, if all goes according to the creators plans, season 2 will find Will running interference as another reporter tries to sink their teeth into this story and Will is now the one trying to make the story go away -- the story he spent a season researching himself.  An interesting role-reversal when you think about it.  Having been so frustrated when he hit those brick walls last season he will now be the one throwing up those brick walls!

            Francie didn't get mentioned -- but every strong lead character needs a friend, and in the case of Sydney she needs someone who is still in touch with reality so she can convince herself that she is still a part of the real world at large.

            Dixon had his doubts about Sydney and what was going on with her at the end of Season 1 -- trying to figure out if he could still trust his partner, so Season 2 could bring some good material his way as well!

            Will is a fun character.  He is one of Sydney's friends who works for a small time publication as a reporter.  He knows nothing of her "real" life, & yet he is unwittingly trying to destroy it.  The audience knows a great deal more than he does & in the name of love, & protecting the one he loves, hes putting himself, & her, in great amounts of danger.  Hes willing to be gallant, willing to put himself in danger but the moment he realized he could be making things bad for Sydney, everything suddenly changed.  (There is a lot going on behind the scenes on this one with SD6 Agent Sloan & Sydney's Dad, Jack.  Talk of simply killing the reporter before he asks one too many questions -- or writes one article too many.)   He needs a few episodes to convince himself he can defend her & then hell be back on the trail of SD-6 with no idea what hes about to do or the pain hes about to cause Sydney.  I love knowing that his desire to protect her may be her undoing!  Another great quandary!

    If you haven't seen an ep yet, before you tune in  I suggest you take a moment to go to either the ABC Alias page, or a site like & find out what youve missed.  The big picture is starting to take shape, & this will help you catch up.  (I also suggest trying to catch the episode Q&A which is a great recap on the plot to date.  It fills in a lot of the back story where I've tried to highlight relationships here.)

    Hopefully between this brief recap of where the characters ended the season, and a glimpse of how they spent season 1 and the help of the sites above you will find enough information to help you dive into this marvelous series!

Alias is a show worth making the time for -- and worth catching up on the back story so you can get the most out of it! 

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