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What They Say:

Inspired by Andre  Norton's book The Beast Master, the weekly one-hour series chronicles the adventures of Dar, a mythic hero who has the ability to communicate telepathically with the animals of his ancient world.

The series is set in a fantastic mythical universe filled with demons, spirits and disparate tribes struggling to coexist.  Endowed with the strength, courage and fighting skills of a great warrior, Dar journeys through this world with Tao (Jackson Raine) his smart and inquisitive sidekick, defending the innocent and oppressed.

Throughout their travels last season, the two battled many ruthless adversaries, including the malevolent and power-hungry King Zad (Steven Grives), with the help of their amazing animal companions Ruh, a fierce and regal tiger who recognizes good and evil; Sharak, an immortal eagle who allows Dar to see through his eyes; and Kodo and Podo, two mischievous ferrets who ride around in Dar's leather pouch.  They also became involved with the fierce and sultry Arina (Marjean Holden), the mysterious warrior-guide who ultimately became their ally.

In Season 3 Dar's personal life is turned upside down when he encounters his spirit warrior Dartanus, played by recurring guest star Marc Singer.

Dar, who has always believed he was the last surviving male of the storied Sula tribe, learns through Dartanus that he is not who he thinks he is after all - and that in order to fulfill his true destiny he must embark on a quest to save the world from eternal evil. 


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