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Julie Bowen - Bowen, Julie - Pic 1  ( Glossy Photos )
  Julie Bowen - Pic 1 (Glossy Photo )

Actors - Actors - Thomas Cavanagh And Julie Bowen Pic 1  ( Glossy Photos ) Actors - Thomas Cavanagh & Julie Bowen Pic 1 ( Glossy Photos )

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Joe Somebody DVD Joe Somebody  Tim Allen stars as Joe Scheffer a mild-mannered man who makes promotional videos for a Minneapolis pharmaceutical company. Joe is divorced and quietly unhappy until the office bully Mark McKinney (Patrick Warburton) punches him out in the company parking lot in front of Joe's precocious young daughter (Hayden Panettiere of REMEMBER THE TITANS). The humiliated Joe sinks into such a deep depression that not even the flirtations of the company's pretty wellness coordinator (Julie Bowen) can rouse him. DVD

Webposted: May 7, 2002
by: Kay Kellam

What They Say:

From the writer/producers of “Late Show with David Letterman” comes this one-hour romantic comedy – now entering its second season – which centers on Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh, NBC’s “Providence”), a former New York lawyer who, after being fired & catching his wife cheating on him, decides to return to his Midwestern hometown of Stuckeyville.

Once there, Ed makes an effort to recapture his past. He pursues Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen, NBC’s “ER”), the most popular girl from his high school class; & he reunites with his best friend Mike (Josh Randall, “Angel”), a doctor whose multi-tasking wife Nancy (Jana Marie Hupp, NBC’s “Friends”) is valiantly trying to balance work & parenting. On an impulse, Ed buys the local bowling alley which becomes his impromptu law office. In no time, Stuckeybowl becomes the main hub of activity in town, allowing Ed to see his hometown & its eccentric citizens with fresh eyes.

While Carol is initially disinterested in Ed’s advances, she begins to succumb to her persistent suitor while encouraged by her upbeat best friend & colleague Molly (Lesley Boone, “High Incident”).

In addition, Stuckeybowl is stocked with an odd but appealing group of staff workers, headed by the ever-scamming Phil (Michael Ian Black, NBC’s “SPY TV”), Ed’s main man & bowling alley manager; Shirley (Rachel Cronin), who assists Ed & tends the food-and-beverage counter, & Kenny (Mike Starr, “Goodfellas”), a well-meaning jack-of-all-trades. Adding a youthful tint to the colorful denizens is Warren (Justin Long, “Jeepers Creepers”), an awkward but likable high school student who often reminds Ed of a younger version of himself.

The series was honored with a People’s Choice Award as Favorite New Comedy earlier this year. In addition, series star Cavanagh won the TV Guide Award as Actor of the Year in a New Series. The series also recently received three Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Writing, Directing and Casting for a Comedy Series.

What We Say:

Do you remember this :
SERIES FEATURES 'BOWLING ALLEY LAWYER' -- From the writer/producers of "The Late Show with David Letterman" comes this story about the quirky life of New York attorney Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh, NBC's "Providence"), who moves back to his small Midwestern hometown after losing his job & dumping his cheating wife. Once there, Ed pursues a romance with attractive teacher Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen, NBC's "ER"), the most popular girl in high school when they were classmates years before, & who currently has a boyfriend (Gregory Harrison) & gently rebuffs him. Undeterred, Ed hopes to impress her when he buys a bowling alley & begins a law practice there while living with his best friend Mike (Josh Randall, "Angel"), Mike's wife, Nancy (Jana Marie Hupp, "Brooklyn South"), & their newborn baby. Lesley Boone ("High Incident") also stars.

It is the description that first appeared in October of 2000 to proclaim the beginning of this sitcom.  If you had asked me in October of 2000 my expectations for this show... well, I'd have said it'll be off the air in record time.  And yet it has somehow survived the test of time, or at least two seasons, & may even see a third.  I have yet to see anything that has made me want to watch in personally, but I've been assigned the task of reviewing it, so I will see it in the near future & see if I am converted, or can even understand the appeal of a bowling alley lawyer.

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