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Webposted: September 22, 2002
By: Kay Kellam

What they Say: 

JOHN DOE is a mysterious man who rises from the water off an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who -- or even what -- he is.  Doe quickly finds his way to Seattle, where he befriends the police and uses his special gift to help them solve "impossible" crimes each week, while continuing his unending quest to uncover who he is and where he came from.

Doe is joined in his search by Karen, his unwitting assistant and one of his few friends.  Together they work to piece together the case of a missing girl who Doe mysteriously feels may have some connection to his previous life.  Doe's extraordinary talents catch the eye of Hayes, the cop assigned to the case, who sees something special in this odd stranger.  Hayes' boss, Lt. Jamie Avery, on the other hand, is not as easily convinced and seeks to uncover the truth about him in her own way.

Whatever secrets his past holds, Doe is now the man who knows everything -- a gift that will forever change his destiny.  Will it be a blessing or a curse?

What I Say:

The first 15 minutes were, to say the least, a tad slow.  But it takes time for a nude man on a deserted island to find civilization, clothing, and get a bank roll... an accomplishment that was a miracle to say the least.  It was well handled and believable, something that a lesser show might not have managed.

Once the budget was in place, and a car acquired we not only had a character set to take on Seattle -- but an understanding that he knows everything, how many M&Ms are in a pack (plain or peanut) and how many dimples there are on a golf ball -- but there are some things, like driving a car and flying a helicopter, that require a moments thought before he can do them.  But a moments thought is a lot cooler than having to learn it from scratch -- he simply has to check his mental index, turn to the right page, and away he goes.

All in all a fun show.  If it can maintain the pacing and fun this could well be a great show for the season!