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Waiting for Presidio Med to get back on the air?  Here's the latest scoop:

PRESIDIO MED, a medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group adjacent to a hospital in San Francisco, will return to the CBS schedule on Wednesday, Jan. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).   PRESIDIO MED will also have original episodes broadcast on Friday, Jan. 17 and Friday Jan. 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, both nights).

Webposted October 1, 2002
By: Kay Kellam


  Mae Whitman (“State of Grace”) and Kathleen Wilhoite (“ER”) Guest Star as the Girl and her Mother

"Do No Harm" – Dr. Lanning and Dr. Keating work together to help a troubled young girl who asks to be sterilized, on PRESIDIO MED, Wednesday, Oct. 2 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.  Lesli Linka Glatter directed the episode from a script written by executive producer John Wells.

  Mae Whitman (“State of Grace”) and Kathleen Wilhoite (“ER”) guest star as the girl and her mother.

  When Louise Redding (Wilhoite), a pregnant patient of Dr. Lanning’s, brings her anxious teenage daughter, Tori (Whitman), with her to a prenatal appointment, Dr. Lanning becomes suspicious when Tori throws up in her office.  Dr. Lanning quickly sends her to see Dr. Keating, where Tori confides that she wants to get her tubes tied for reasons that catch Keating off guard.  Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan treats a man in need of a liver transplant whose last hope for a match is his estranged brother, who is currently in prison for molesting him as a child. Also, Dr. Jordan and her physician husband, Dr. Roback, argue over how to get a mother to take her obese boy’s weight issue seriously.

Dr. Harriet Lanning. Blythe Danner  
Dr. Rae Brennan.. Dana Delany  
Dr. Letty Jordan.... Anna Deavere Smith  
Dr. Jackie Colette.. Sasha Alexander  
Dr. Jules Keating Julianne Nicholson
Dr. Nicholas Kokoris. Oded Fehr  
Dr. Matt Slingerland Paul Blackthorne  
Ellen Sanford.. Blaire Baron  
Gary Sanford............ Dennis Cockrum  
Doug Sanford. Dublin James  
Bobby Sanford.......... Stephen Spacek  
Ryan Washington Michael Purvis  
Sheryl Washington...... Octavia L. Spencer  
Dr. Stephen Flurgon....... Lawrence LeJohn Anesthesiologist...... Clint Jung  
Seth Braverman Paul Norwood  
Maureen Braverman Elizabeth Alley  
Connie Yu. Michelle Noh  
Amy Stewart  
Jo Anderson Kenna Ramsey  
Babu Singh.. Vikrum Shah  
Jill... Jill Remez  
Nurse Lynette... Jocelyn Rose  
Tori Redding Mae Whitman  
Louise Redding......... Kathleen Wilhoite  
Danny Gibson.. Dylan Walsh  
Will Raymond Reed Diamond  
Sam Lanning.......... Michael Murphy  
Norman Drum David Kaufman  
Jerry..... Brady Smith  
Amira..... Alice Amter  
Dora Watkins... Niecy Nash  
Tom Roback            Vyto Ruginis

What I Say:

This show has had two episodes air so far, and both have been mostly enjoyable with some well developed and played drama.  But like so many shows on the air today far more is shown than necessary.  There was a time when the audience was trusted to imagine and visualize for themselves the gory details -- this show leaves more up to the imagination than many others on the air today, but for the squeamish even this show puts a lot more on the screen than needed.

If you are willing to listen to 5 minutes of the show that you might get to see and hear of a less graphic show then you will be in for some good drama.

Characters have been built, and developed, with thought put into them, and almost every character has started this show in the midst of an interesting story, with plot twists just waiting to unfold -- plot twists that this viewer for one is interested in seeing unfold.

The question simply remains, as the season wears on will I get to see more of the drama, or end up listening to more of the episode than I watch?

(C) Kay Kellam, 2001 for
Prior to having her first novel, A Life to Di For, published author Kay Kellam enjoyed a variety of jobs that helped to shape her outlook on the world, and her profession.   more...