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Webposted: April 1, 2002
by: Kay Kellam

The Jury is still out on this court drama

            Some shows need more than 44 minutes to win undying fandom and the court is one such show for me.  A nicely done introduction to the world of the supreme court and its newest member, former governor Kate Nolan, the Court's pilot episode certainly warrants tuning in again this week to find out more about these characters but will episode two warrant tuning in for episode three?

            Kate Nolan is played by the captivating Sally Field.  And while the very fact the show takes place in the Supreme Court guarantees a large cast of characters time will tell if each can be unique enough that I will in time learn their names.

            And as for Craig Bierko's reporter with a law background who is the public's eyes and ears... a motive would be nice.  He is pressing on with a story no one else believes, but why?  He seems to respect the subject, who could be damaged if his story brings up some nasty dirt, and yet he is pursuing it.  Again I find myself asking why?

            But questions like why are what get us to tune in week after week... and to that end leaving questions unanswered is good story telling -- I just hope the writers remember two things.  Never answering questions is beyond aggravating.  And  asking questions for no reason is pointless.  So if we get a reason to ask these questions that have very harmful answers -- and some interesting answers that could provide some very fun stories, then this could prove to be one very interesting show with stories revolving around more than just the highest court in the land.

            As for the inevitable comparisons between the Court and First Monday, all I can say is I get the feeling liking one show doesn't mean you will not like the other, and disliking one show doesn't mean you'll dislike the other.  First Monday has been hitting very personal and controversial issues where if The Court's pilot is a good example of what we are going to be in for, they are interested in the politics and the action behind the scenes. 

            An impression that is furthered when looking at the description of episode two: "Due Process" - Kate Nolan's new life on the bench gets off to a shaky start when she makes a decision on a controversial case, based on her clerk's recommendation -- one that proves to be misleading. And as she tries to settle in to her new environment, she feels burdened by the legacy of the recently deceased, well-liked judge who was her predecessor.

            Perhaps between the two we will come close to knowing what goes on in and behind the greatest court in the land.

            To find out more about the very talented cast Sally Field heads up check out  the internet movie database's entry for The Court.  

            Bottom Line: I'll tune in again April 2 to see what comes next... and on April 9 we'll see...

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