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Webposted: April 10, 2002
By: Kay Kellam

We'll never know if this show could have been a thousand times funnier than its title.

            Wednesday 9:30/8:30 central suffered from a title that wouldn't allow for a change in their time slot and an impatient network.  This was a show that had the potential to poke fun at its own industry, and to have some crazy shows that would never hit the air hit the air as failed pilots for their network, IBS.  But this show, with characters that were funny because they were honest, was never given the time to find its audience, or its own sense of humor, and managed to disappear from the air before many even knew it had started airing.

            I watched the pilot, and like most pilots it needed work, it wasn't bust your gut funny -- but it was enough to show the potential... a potential we'll never know if it could have reached in time or not.

            Wednesday 9:30/8:30 Central starred (click the actors name for their IMDB filmography):

Ivan Sergei .... David Weiss
Ed Begley Jr. .... Paul Weffler
Melinda McGraw .... Lindsay Urich
Sherri Shepherd .... Joanne Walker
James Michael McCauley .... Mike McClaren
John Cleese .... Red