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The Mini-Series is becoming a Series on ABC this Fall!  More details to follow
-- but for now, get a refresher on what the series was all about.

            Dinotopia, the epic story of a lost continent where dinosaurs and humans live together in an almost-utopian world, is brought to life as one of the most lavish and technically complex productions in the history of American television. A six-hour miniseries airing in May 2002 on the ABC Television Network.  Dinotopia is based on the best-selling books by author/illustrator James Gurney.

The story begins when Frank Scott (Stuart Wilson, The Mask of Zorro), a wealthy American, crashes his plane into the Caribbean. He appears to perish, but his two teenaged sons, Karl (Tyron Leitso, Snow White: The Fairest of Them All) and David (Wentworth Miller, Popular), survive, only to find themselves castaways on Dinotopia, a fantastic lost continent where humans and dinosaurs peacefully co-exist.  Karl and David are constantly at odds, even as they struggle to adjust to life in their strange new world.

 Dinotopia’s colorful human inhabitants include resident rogue Cyrus Crabb (David Thewlis, Seven Years in Tibet), a descendant of shipwrecked pirates who lives as an outlaw in the utopian society; smart, beautiful Marion (Katie Carr, Mrs. Dalloway), who is in training to be a matriarch and leader of her people; Marion’s father, Mayor Waldo (Jim Carter, Shakespeare in Love), overseer of Dinotopia’s spectacular capital, Waterfall City; her mother, revered matriarch Rosemary (Alice Krige, Star Trek: First Contact) and Oonu (Colin Salmon, Tomorrow Never Dies), commander of the Skybax Corps (humans that train to fly huge Pterosaurs with 30-foot wingspans).

            Marion – who captures both Karl's and David’s hearts – leads the brothers to Waterfall City, where Mayor Waldo welcomes the “off-worlders” and has them enrolled in the capital’s academy so they can learn to become Dinotopians.  They’re soon befriended by the talkative Zippo, an academic Stenonychosaurus who speaks 17 human and Saurian languages.  Upon receiving their Dinotopian assignments, cynical Karl is assigned to a Saurian “hatchery” where he’s charged with overseeing the birth of an infant Chasmosaurus named 26.  David – terrified of heights – is ordered to partake in Skybax training on the very frontier of Dinotopia, Canyon City.

            The brothers soon discover that they’ve arrived at a critical moment in the history of this lost world.  The sunstones, a force of life for Dinotopia, are mysteriously failing, and Dinotopia may soon be plunged into darkness and chaos.  The boys are the keys to Dinotopia’s survival, but in order to save their new home, they must journey to the World Beneath, a dark and dangerous territory forbidden to all the continent’s inhabitants.

Most of the miniseries’ dinosaurs (including key character Zippo) were created by FrameStore, the company that handled visual effects for the award-winning Merlin, Arabian Nights and Walking With Dinosaurs, using state-of-the-art digital special effects.  A team of 75 computer animators, architects/designers and CG staffers worked full-time on the company’s largest project to date.  Eight staff members alone made up the “Zippo Squad,” working exclusively to bring the character vibrantly to life.  Additional dinosaurs, including the adorable baby 26 and the giant prehistoric reptiles called Mosasaurs, were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop in London.  26 was hand-held, and her intricate, life-like movements were controlled off-screen by two Creature Shop operators, allowing the baby to blink, breathe and wriggle her tail convincingly.

Dinotopia was shot at London’s Pinewood Studios, home to the James Bond films, and holds the record as the largest production at Pinewood to date.  The miniseries occupied nine sound stages at the peak of production.  The set for “Waterfall City,” the magnificent capital of Dinotopia, which resembles Manhattan sitting atop Niagara Falls, was the largest built anywhere in Europe and occupied two and a half acres on the Pinewood backlot.

            Dinotopia was written by Simon Moore (the miniseries Traffik and Gulliver’s Travels).  Marco Brambilla (Excess Baggage, Demolition Man) is the director.  Robert Halmi, Sr. (Merlin, Arabian Nights) and Robert Halmi Jr. (Cleopatra, Lonesome Dove) are the executive producers; William P. Cartlidge (Haunted, The Spy Who Loved Me) and Dusty Symonds (Sleepy Hollow, Little Shop of Horrors) are the producers.  Dinotopia is a Hallmark Entertainment and Mat I production.