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Webposted September 16, 2002
by: Kay Kellam


 Farrah Fawcett ("Charlie's Angels") Guest Stars

"Testimony" Burton must do everything in his power to save Nick from a jail sentence, on the second season premiere of THE GUARDIAN, Tuesday, Sept. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Kevin Sullivan directed the episode written by David Hollander, one of the series' executive producers, and Michael R. Perry

Farrah Fawcett guest stars as Mary Gressler, the only woman who can help Nick clear his name.

Nick is arrested for aggravated assault and possession of cocaine after Mandy (the stripper who killed Nick's parole officer) falls in his house.  However, after Mandy dies, the charges are changed to third degree murder.  Burton, who is in preparations for his swearing-in as a federal judge, meets Mandy's daughter, Shannon, who informs him that Mandy was already high when she went to Nick's crucial information Burton needs to clear Nick.  However, when Shannon takes the stand, she recants her story.  Now Burton's last hope for clearing his son is Mandy's mother, Mary, who is reluctant to talk at all.

THE GUARDIAN revolves around a hotshot, thirtysomething lawyer who must perform community service or risk being disbarred after he's arrested for using drugs. While closing deals at his law firm, Nick (Simon Baker) is forced to work for a legal services office run by Alvin Masterson (Alan Rosenberg) and Louisa "Lulu" Archer (Wendy Moniz), a co-worker who continues to challenge Nick in a way he has never been before. Although his father, Burton (Dabney Coleman), wavers between pride and concern over his son's work performance, Nick attempts to appease him and his high-paying clients while devoting his time to a place where he can help those truly in need. Straddling two vastly different legal worlds, Nick is determined to maintain his fast-paced lifestyle as he tackles cases involving ordinary people caught up in difficult circumstances.

  THE GUARDIAN is produced by Columbia TriStar Domestic Television, in association with CBS Productions.  David Hollander and Mark Johnson are the executive producers.

Nick Fallin                             Simon Baker
Burton Fallin                         Dabney Coleman
Alvin Masterson                    Alan Rosenberg
Louisa "Lulu" Archer            Wendy Moniz
Jake Straka                           Raphael Sbarge
James Mooney                     Charles Malik Whitfield
Senator Nathan Caldwell      John Rubinstein

What I say:

Last season was a winner in my book -- and I'm hoping for more great drama.  They seem to come back, time and again, to the theme of one person guarding another's rights, one person protecting another, sometimes from themselves.  The season opener looks to be another example of just that with Nick Fallin's father trying to come to his aid, trying to protect and guard him against the trouble he finds himself in -- and Farrah Fawcett seems a great lady to turn to for your salvation.

I had forgotten until I watched "The Substitute Wife" the other day just how great a performance that woman can turn in when she wants to.  Let's up this is a script she wanted to do well by as she may just steal the show away from a very talented cast!


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