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The Legend of the Rangers

(Before there we had the Legend of the Rangers, there was Crusade -- watch all 13 episodes, or set a VCR while you are at  work on October 8th, 2001 to tape the Sci Fi Channel for 13 amazing hours.)

Here is a nice scan of the post card Sci Fi Channel was handing out at the San Diego Comic Con 2001.  As you can see, Andreas Katsulus of Babylon 5 is left center behind the main guy -- so I think it is safe to say G'Kar will have a little something to say in the Legend of the Rangers.

As for more information -- Sci Fi Channel etc have not yet sent it our way, but as we get stuff this will be the place to look.  Until then, please enjoy our tour around the web for information on the Legend of the Rangers:

Image (C) Sci Fi Channel, 2001.  This image is a scan of the postcard distributed at the San Diego Comic Con 2001 in promotion of the show.