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The series premiered the week of October 15th, 2001... go to this page to find a channel near you.

Think you're the only one who wants this show to stick around -- go here and you'll find out there are others who agree with you!

If you were like me and spent a little time wandering around the famous freebies table at the San Diego Comic Con then you may have seen a very non-descript flyer,  mostly black, that said TRACKER and encouraged you to check out their website.

I'm willing to gamble a lot of people passed the flyer by as it was just a real nice color xerox job, but no ultra-amazing I gotta have it graphic (just a star filled background) and it lacked the face of the lead actor, a face that I dare say would have gotten a lot more of those flyers into people's hands.  (I should confess that part of why I am willing to gamble few people took them is because the last thing I did before leaving the convention Sunday was go by the freebies table and there was easily 500 sitting in a stack just begging to be taken.  In fact, I noticed it because the stack was so tall.)

So, for those of you who didn't find this 8.5 by 11 basically black sheet with yellow text, let me share with you what it has to say.

Starring Adrian Paul
From the Creator of Relic Hunter
The Writer/Producer of Outer Limits and Lois & Clark
and the Writer/Producer of Demolition man and La Femme Nikita


He will find you

Coming to TV this fall 2001 from Lions Gate Television

(The website was not yet live at the time this article was written, though the cool logo above came from the site rather than scanning in the same basic logo off the flyer. :) )


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