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Autograph Questions
As a general rule we only get autographs in person at Conventions, and we report on that experience here.  We do not have snail mail addresses where you can request autographs.  We have posted all the official sites for actors that we know of on that actors page.

How do I ... ?

Get a copyright notice corrected?

We do our best to make sure and mark who owns what in the way of images, but in this day and age of 3 or 4 companies coming together to make a project it can be a tad confusing.  If we have mislabeled an image PLEASE let us know, we want to fix it! And in this case, the webmaster won't need to forward your note, I'll take care of it as quickly as I can.  (For more information on copyright notices on this site please click here.)

How do I get you information about an upcoming movie or television show?

E-mail us and we will give you a snail mail address to send press releases and a press kit to.

We are happy to review movies and interview actors/talent associated with the film.  The primary goal of this site is to be a place where people can come to find information that studios and publishers want out there.  We are not in the business trying to spoil surprises -- we want to support the entertainment industry as we greatly enjoy their products.

What about books?  Comic Books?  Magazines?

E-mail us (noticing a trend?)  We are more than happy to help promote upcoming books, comic books, or magazines with articles that directly relate to Pop Arts material already on the website.  (Does your magazine have an article related to any actor we've covered?  Let us know in advance and we'll be telling people to make sure and pick up that issue!)

How do I get in touch with Kay Kellam about one of her articles?

E-mail the webmaster and she'll forward your e-mail to Kay.

How do I get in touch with John Mayo about his con articles?

E-mail the webmaster and she'll forward your e-mail to John.

How do I get in touch with one of your freelance/guest writers?

E-mail the webmaster and she'll forward your e-mail.

Why does everything go through the webmaster?

Because our webmaster has decent virus scan software, and more time to devote to reading your notes and making sure they get into the hands of the right people.  Just because an article is in the con area doesn't mean John Mayo wrote it, and just because an article is in the In the News area doesn't mean Kay Kellam wrote it... so we want to help direct your mail into the right hands in a timely fashion.

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