Major Crimes

Fans of The Closer, which starred Kyra Sedgwick, were disappointed when the show was cancelled after seven season on TNT.  Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes came Major Crimes.  Remarkably similar to The Closer Major Crimes has a strikingly similar cast, with a new leader, and a new guiding principle.  It is no […]

Major Crimes

When the character of Sharon Raydor was first introduced on TNT’s The Closer she was what that show needed.  A counter-balance to Brenda Leigh Johnson, Sharon Raydor is a strong woman who follows the rules, to the letter, and did the tough job of investigating officer involved shootings and trying to prevent lawsuits against the […]

Mondays deliver Entertainment

#Supergirl #Blindspot #Scorpion #Gotham #Legends #MajorCrimes If you are struggling to find something to watch live on television on Monday nights I am left wondering why.  Fox’s Gotham going head to head with CBS’s Supergirl means my DVR is hard at work, leaving me with only one decision — which show am I watching live, […]

Rusty Beck’s Identity Series

On Major Crimes the character of Rusty has been searching for a missing person’s identity.  The person may have been “missing, she may now be dead, but does that mean she need only be known, forever, as a Jane Doe? If you have already been watching Major Crimes, but have not watched the Identity Series […]