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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Friday, November 29, 2002
Scooby Doo...
Scooby-Doo DVD

At $10 at a local store I couldn't resist picking up Scooby Doo, the live action flick with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz, Jr., and seeing what I thought of it.

I'll try not to spoil any surprises, but I saw the villain a mile away -- in his first scene I knew it was him, and I just didn't want to buy it. He didn't feel right as the villain, and that feeling lingered right up until he was carted off to jail. (Scooby always catches his man!)

Shaggy was amazing. He had the voice, the look, the attitude, the walk, and mannerisms! WOW! Shaggy sold the entire movie for me, and kept me tuned in from start to finish.

So overall, yeah, I'd suggest checking out this DVD -- though I felt the price was just right at $10.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

What to know what kind of thinks you can get from visiting the WB street team?? Check out the animated gift which rotates through a few of the clothing items you can save up for.

With as few as 1,800 points you could have a t-shirt, or as many as 45,000 points will get you a letterman jacket -- presumably from Smallville, though the S on the front of the jacket is the only hint at that.

For more information, click on the animated gif and go pay the StreetTeam a visit!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Shania Twain is UP!

I just want to preface this tidbit with a note that I paid $9 for this CD at Frys electronics recently... and having listened to the entire thing I can say it makes great background music, but the lyrics leave more than a bit to be desired, so it will stay in the background of my life. So far I'm hearing one song from this CD on the radio, and I'll be amazed if any more make it onto the radio much less come close to being the hits referred to from Com on Over!

Seen today on Yahoo Entertainment News

Up! *

The exclamation point-happy country crossover queen racked up several sales landmarks as her new album, Up!, delivered a dominating chart-topping debut. Available in both country and pop versions, Up! sold 874,000 copies for the week ended November 24, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Besides being her first album to reach number one, Up! gives Shania her best-ever sales week, the all-time biggest sales week for a female country artist, the second best sales week of 2002 behind Eminem (news - web sites) and the all-around second best sales week for a female artist in any genre. Furthermore, Up! marked the sixth country-flavored number one of 2002, a tally that matches country music's combined total of chart-topping debuts before this year.

Of course, Up! has a ways to go before surpassing the 17 million total sales of Shania's 1997 monster, Come on Over, the all-time best-selling album by a solo female artist. Come on Over, which only climbed as high as number two on the charts, scored an astonishing eight radio hits.

Smallville -- the story that came from comic books to the small screen (with Superman having previously taken a few turns on the big and small screens) and now, it's back to the written word.


The WB is doing what they can to get the fans to help spread the word about their quality entertainment -- and I think all you fans out there need to do their part!

Monday, November 25, 2002

The WB is trying something new -- with a lot of fun potential. A Street Team -- getting the fans to help promote their shows!

So use one of the banners here to join the WB street team and earn points to use towards cool posters, ball caps, and other WB show related merchandise! And as the banner to the left notes, it's free!



This weekend's episode of Andromeda reminded me why so many science fiction shows are given a hard time by viewers. If this were my first episode of Andromeda it is doubtful I would tune in again.

As one person put it, it was your classic something's on the ship episode. It had some nice moments, but over all it was like watching a cast kill time.

I find it impossible to believe that Captain Dylan hunt would not search the part of the ship he knew was closed off to Andromeda's sensors for survivors. It goes against so much of what we know about this man, that he did not confirm that every hand of his crew had gotten out -- or died before he was in a position to try and save them, is just too hard for me to believe.

I am surprised Harper didn't make a few remarks about, "you will check on me before abandoning ship won't you?"

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Sean Hayes made the great remark that if, while playing Jerry Lewis, he was supposed to be in touch with the inner 9 year-old boy, than playing Jack on Will & Grace required being a 15 year-old girl.

Well, Will & Grace aside, he certainly finds that inner 9 year old for Martin and Lewis, and behaves as such in the great comedy moments, and the tender dramatic moments when he tries to deal with the tough realities of adulthood.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Without a Trace

Yet again they surprised me, and delighted me.

The show played off of fears, and irrational assumptions and found the man they thought might be guilty of some horrible crime was trying to protect the people he loved from the man no one was looking for, and no one was paying attention to.

In the end he saved lives, by giving up his own, by sacrificing eveything.

It was a very well played story, and another great reason to be watching Without A Trace, thursdays on CBS.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

CBS Shuffles their Schedule!

Well, I'll start with the end of the article on Yahoo!'s TV News section. I hope Presidio Med is getting more episodes, and I agree, for once, with the network brass that is keeping the show alive. This is a show that has taken the time to give us characters we care about, caught up in drama we can relate to. Whether it is the young lady caught off guard when she discovers she might not be able to have children, or the slightly older married woman whose marriage is falling apart.

As for Robbery Homicide Division, as I've noted here the show is too dark for me, but that doesn't mean I think it should be taken off the air -- so I am happy to hear they are going to try it in a new timeslot.

On the other hand I like the Agency right where it is. The District puts me in a great mood to just stay on CBS and watch the Agency week after week. A show I never spotted or watched elsewhere on the schedule. Here's hoping I manage to follow it around the week and it's numbers go up to the point the show gains some security in the CBS schedule for this season, and next for that matter.


As much quality entertainment as there is on Television this season, I must confess that I can't wait until November 24.

I've seen Martin and Lewis, and I can't wait for the rest of the world to see it. Sean Hayes says he gravitatited to the vulnerable side of Jerry Lewis, and he brought it to life brilliantly, and yet the behind the scenes, life isn't always a bowl of cherries, side of this story doesn't detract from the great entertainment Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis brought to the world. If anything it simply helps the audience to understand, all these years later, why a great duo broke up.

Like any great married couple, we weren't in their house late at night, we were there for the good times, and now we have a better idea of what kind of bad times led to the "divorce" of Martin and Lewis.

Monday, November 18, 2002

When asked what it was like rehearsing the spontaneous nightclub acts of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin for this Nov 24 CBS movie Jeremy Northam remarked that "that's what all acting is. Trying to convince the audience that the thought just entered your mind for the first time." Though he did concede that they never knew what was going to happen in these scenes and he was constantly afraid he was going too far over the top. Sean Hayes remarked that it was easier being Jerry Lewis, "there was no ceiling for me."

Check out this fabulous comedy duo Martin and Lewis (and Northam and Hayes for that matte) Nov 24 on CBS.

Glad to hear it!

Agent Weiss on Alias may not go out in the field saving the world every day, but he was a part of Alias that I have missed so far this season (though I did think it might have something to do with his working on a mid-season replacement for NBC called the Jake Effect with Jason Bateman) and I am glad to hear we'll be seeing more of him.

Alias Revives Grunberg

Greg Grunberg, whose character, CIA Agent Weiss, was shot on ABC's Alias, told SCI FI Wire that his character will return. "I'm not dead, which is a good thing," Grunberg said in an interview. "It was a flesh wound. Lena Olin [who plays Irina Derevko] shot me in the neck, and it grazed me, didn't pierce the skin. That's sort of a sneak thing, so Weiss lives."

Weiss returns in episode 12 of the current season. Naturally, Grunberg feels the character is vital to the show. "I love that I'm somewhat of a character of comic relief in the way that I was at the beginning of Felicity," he said, referring to his role of Sean on The WB series. "But at the same time, I'm Vaughn's [Michael Vartan] confidante, and he's got to have someone to talk to about all the heavy stuff. That's what I like about it." Alias airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Andromeda Season 3

Overall, Andromeda is a fun show to watch, but there are times when I have to step back and just marvel at all that Dylan Hunt and crew have accomplished in 2.5 years! Season 3 is not even half way through and the Commonwealth is back in place good as new, in fact, there are times when it seems as though civilization had never fallen.

Saturday, November 16, 2002


Double Down I believe was the name of the episode I just found on a tape that I had never labelled or watched from last season -- and I'm glad I found it. That was a wonderful episode in which Adrian Paul did a great deal of what he does best.

He leapt into a fun character -- an actor "hired" to play a murderer, who ends up on trial for murder! With the "film" he acted in as the evidence that he is the murderer when the "actor" he kills ends up dead.

It is a wonderful hour of television like this that reminds one of why Adrian Paul has such a huge following -- and why so many, including Adrian Paul by many accounts, hoped for a great deal more of character fun in Tracker. If it is true that Tracker is being shopped around the cable networks for a second season than I hope it will get picked up by some one who sees this same episode, and the potential, and goes crazy with it! As this is proof positive that this could be a great show, with a great following.


Hunter - a two hour return to Justice -- tonight on NBC!

It's been ten years since Hunter was on the air -- and as much as I enjoyed the series back then I have to wonder if the magic will be recaptured in this TV movie.

For their part NBC must be pretty sure as they've already announced this is the first of two Hunter movies, and they are airing it during November sweeps when audience numbers truly matter and are counted in the great competition of the networks.

Friday, November 15, 2002
Firefly -- every week I like this show more and more.

We learned a lot about Jayne this week -- and Mal. Where loyalties lie, and what matters to each man in the end. That one man considers his ship all aboard it an extension of himself, and the other thinks only of himself.

I love that the evil "corporate" style folks of the Alliance have high tech gizmos (I loved the tests on River this week, great effects!) and cool laser guns, and the outlaws still have the old fashioned guns with bullets instead of lasers. And in the end the outlaws needed their kind of weapons to make it out in one piece.

A great episode from a fun show -- another wonderful reason for this show to stay on the air for many moons to come.

Thursday, November 14, 2002
Thursday, thanks to the wb, is a suprisingly fun night of TV.

Family Affair grows better and better every week, and Do Over is a nice bit of mindless entertainment -- but CBS has perhaps the best show of the night, on the major networks, with Without A Trace.

As for a surprisingly good turn for the night? Try PBS' Mythquest, for a fun trip through time and the mythology our society has embraced as these old stories come to life for two teens in search of their father -- lost in one of these myths.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

is a wonderful night on CBS. JAG, The Guardian, and Judging Amy consistently provide a wonderful night of entertainment.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

I love the way pieces of the story in Alias keep coming together to make more and more... like the questions to find which 6 year olds might some day make great spies being the type of questions that are asked on our Standard School tests -- and I love Vaughn's theory that our standardized tests might have been used to find and create sleeper agents. What fun!

Touched by An Angel

I have to admit I find it fascinating that the newest Angel to join the cast, Gloria, needs to wear glasses. I never imagined an Angel with glasses -- not that I think Angels are perfect, after all there are the stories of falling angels, and a fallen Angel would seem by definition to be "imperfect" if perfect is without faults. For falling seems to be a fault. But the logic never made it to eyesight.

However, it seems Gloria does not always see things perfectly even with her glasses, so her acknowleding dificulty seeing what is right in front of her without her glasses seems to fit perfectly with her problems seeing things most of us "see" in another person instinctively.

I think, in the end, that while Gloria has taken a little getting used to, Valerie Bertanelli is as wonderful an actress as ever, and she has brought a new spark to a wonderful old show.

As for tomorrow, here's hoping, as we prepare to watch the 100th episode of Becker, that another 100 are yet to come.

As if you needed another reason to tune in, CBS has a contest keyed off the 100th Episode. Click Here for more info!

Saturday, November 09, 2002
Firefly tonight was a fun ride -- creating more mystery about Shepherd, aka Book, aka the Preacher, and giving us some interesting insight into the tight bond between Simon and River, which may well be the reason he feels so responsible for her condition -- for he was the older brother who feels he should have protected her.

The characters in this show keep growing and evolving, and each week we learn something new, but we also leave the episode with more questions to ask, more answers we hope to get in time, and for that reason I will keep tuning in week after week.

I did find it intersting that at the beginning of the episode they did a series to date recap, which included footage from the never aired Pilot of Book joining the ship. It was interesting because I can't think of a single "previously on firefly" incidence before this, and am wondering if they will feel the need to do it again. Here's hoping they don't as most of the characters stay so true to their character each week that there is little information we need to gain from a "previously on firefly" and that little bit of information is shared easily in the intro -- which currently has Captain Mal Reynolds "selling" his crew in hopes of getting work.

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Without a Trace

Tonight Without A Trace featured a fun little twist -- the agents had been doing a brilliant job looking for people who would have a motive for taking the kidnapped kid, fun little twist, the kidnapper got the wrong kid.

I can't wait to check out Without A Trace next Week:

"Little Big Man" Malone and the team search for a teenager missing in a very bad neighborhood after a confrontation with a local bully at the fast food restaurant where he works, on WITHOUT A TRACE, Thursday, Nov. 14 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Paul Holahan directed the episode from a script by Jacob Epstein.

William Hope, considered a good kid, seems on the way to a better life and is living in a foster home after 18 months on the street when he disappears. The team discovers that his older brother, Aaron, who was recently released from Juvenile Hall, visited William in spite of the fact that his foster family forbade Aaron to be in their home. They then learn that William was seen getting into a car with Aaron just prior to his disappearance and fear that the good kid may have gone bad.


100th Episode This Sunday!

The 100th Episode will air this weekend, and I've been viewing episodes from last season, and this season and noticed that Reggie was a fun character because of her insecurities but Chris, who guest stared last season, and became a regular this season, is so confident and secure that she is a total opposite of Reggie. Unfortunately that may also explain why so many fans are having an opposite reaction to Chris than the one they had for Terry Farrell's Reggie -- whom the fans adored.

Becker is a fun show, a character that gets to rant and rave about all the things the we have at some time or another wished we could rant about. And his rants are well put together!

So here's hoping, as we prepare to watch the 100th episode of Becker, that another 100 are yet to come.

As if you needed another reason to tune in, CBS has a contest keyed off the 100th Episode. Click Here for more info!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002
Birds of Prey

The show is growing on me more and more each week -- in large part because Shemar Moore. Week after week he gives an amazing performance. If his Young and the Restless fans haven't found this show they really need to! has a petition started to keep team alias, which, among other things, has a great place for folks to talk about Alias anytime they like. So let the folks know that you'd like Team Alias to stick around -- and let your fellow fans know you are tuning in with them every week to piece together the puzzle that is Sydney Bristow's life.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
In this action-packed episode, T'Pol brings Archer with her on a top-secret mission when she is dispatched by the Vulcan High Command to capture a fugitive that has eluded their authorities for nearly two decades. Meanwhile, T'Pol reveals to Archer a dark and violent secret that she repressed, and Trip, who fills in for Archer while he is away, finds the weight of being the Captain hard to bear.
Academy Award Nominee Bruce Davison ("Longtime Companion") guest stars.

8 Simple Rules... what they say:

"By the Book" -- In an effort to win back the love and respect that his daughters used to show him when they were young, Paul turns to a parenting book for some quick advice. But when Bridget and Kerry discover Paul's teaching tool, they try to use it to their advantage to get their father to let them go to a rock festival, on "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" stars John Ritter as Paul Hennessy, Katey Sagal as Cate Hennessy, Kaley Cuoco as Bridget Hennessy, Amy Davidson as Kerry Hennessy and Martin Spanjers as Rory Hennessy.

Guest starring are Cole Williams as Anthony and Oleg Zatsepin as Care Bear.

What I Say
This is not the world's greatest comedy, but it ain't half bad either. The premise was at least unique -- a parenting guide that the kids get ahold of is better than the kids magically figuring out the psychology tricks the parents are attempting to use -- so I may just tune in again... may.


Spider-Man DVD sets records

According to Entertainment Weekly the disc moved some 11 million copies, for nearly $200 million in sales, on its first weekend.

Monday, November 04, 2002

What a great concept! The Women of the country go out on strike against chores! What fun.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

This week's episode was your basic revenge thing -- with the Chief out to get a man who got away 25 years ago.

Not my favorite type of plot, but they handled it well, and the b-plot with Ella was a laugh a minute! That part of the show alone made it well worth watching!

Friday, November 01, 2002

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