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Waiting for Presidio Med to get back on the air?  Here's the latest scoop:

PRESIDIO MED, a medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group adjacent to a hospital in San Francisco, will return to the CBS schedule on Wednesday, Jan. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).   PRESIDIO MED will also have original episodes broadcast on Friday, Jan. 17 and Friday Jan. 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, both nights).

Week Two Review -- and Episode Description

Where it all began!


New Series from the Creative Team Behind "ER" -- John Wells, Lydia Woodward And Christopher Chulack -- Premieres in a Special Time Period on Tuesday, Sept. 24 On CBS  

The Drama Moves to Its Regular Time Period on Wednesday, Sept. 25

  Tony Award-winner Blythe Danner, Emmy Award-winner Dana Delany, Anna Deavere Smith, Sasha Alexander, Julianne Nicholson, Oded Fehr and Paul Blackthorne star in PRESIDIO MED, a new medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group adjacent to a hospital in San Francisco. The series, from acclaimed "ER" executive producers John Wells, Lydia Woodward and Christopher Chulack, premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  The drama moves to its regular time period on Wednesday, Sept. 25 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).  Chulack directed the premiere episode from a story by Woodward and Wells and a teleplay by Woodward. 

At a time when the world of medicine is becoming more impersonal, the doctors at Presidio Medical Group set bureaucracy aside and put their patients first, forming trusting, long-term relationships. They are Dr. Harriet Lanning (Danner), a veteran ob/gyn who still loves getting up in the middle of the night to deliver babies; Dr. Rae Brennan (Delany), an oncologist with a passionate, adventurous side; Dr. Letty Jordan (Smith), a headstrong, in-your-face cardiologist; Dr. Jackie Colette (Alexander), a brash young plastic surgeon; Dr. Jules Keating (Nicholson), a confident and fiercely independent pediatrician; Dr. Nicholas Kokoris (Fehr), a surgeon who has just moved to San Francisco from Greece to join Presidio Med and to hopefully continue an affair with one of the group's married physicians; and Dr. Matt Slingerland (Blackthorne), a handsome renegade internist with a tendency to bend the rules.  Although their personal beliefs, unique experiences and medical specialties are sometimes at odds, each of these professionals is committed to going beyond the examining table and connecting on a more personal level in support of their patients. 

Screen Actor's Guild Life Achievement Award-winner Ossie Davis ("City of Angels," "Miss Evers' Boys") guest stars in the premiere episode as a cancer victim. Actor Gerald McRaney ("Major Dad," "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story") guest stars in the premiere episode and continues in the following episode as a football coach with a serious heart problem.

In the premiere episode, "This Baby's Gonna Fly," Dr. Lanning and Dr. Keating team up to save a newborn baby in distress.  Meanwhile, Dr. Keating must grapple with a medical scare that could affect her own ability to have children.  Dr. Brennan returns from her yearly foreign medical mission, known as "Doctors Without Borders," where she has been having an affair with a Greek physician.  Upon her return, she must help a man deal with the impending death of his father, Otis Clayton (Davis), who has cancer.  Dr. Slingerland enlists Dr. Jordan to help him convince a zealous high school football coach, Jack Fontina (McRaney), of his urgent need for heart surgery.  At the same time, Dr. Colette brazenly begins her new job by bullying an HMO to approve surgery for an elderly woman. 

Blythe Danner's feature film credits include "Meet the Parents," "The Prince of Tides," "Brighton Beach Memoirs," "The Great Santini," "The Love Letter," "No Looking Back," three Woody Allen films including "Alice" and the independent films "The Myth of Fingerprints," "The Farmhouse" and "Homage." Danner's television credits include the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation "Saint Maybe," on the Network, and the television movies "We Were the Mulvaneys," "Judgment," "A Love Affair: Eleanor and Lou Gherig's Story," "Too Far to Go" and "Guilty Conscience" and the mini-series "Cruel Doubt" and "The Third Reich."  She also had guest-starring roles in "M.A.S.H.," "St. Elsewhere" and "Will & Grace." Her theater resume includes her Tony Award-winning role in Broadway's "Butterflies Are Free" and Tony Award-nominated roles in "Follies," "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Betrayal."  Her other Broadway credits include "The Philadelphia Story," "Blithe Spirit" and "The Deep Blue Sea."

Dana Delany is best known for her role as Army nurse Colleen McMurphy on the critically-acclaimed series, "China Beach," for which she received four Emmy nominations and two Emmy Awards for Best Actress.  Her other recent television credits include the series "Pasadena" and the voice of Lois Lane on "The New Batman-Superman Adventures."   She has appeared in numerous television movies including the mini-series "Shake, Rattle & Roll" and "True Women" and the movie "The Patron Saint of Liars," all on the Network, as well as "Final Jeopardy," "Resurrection," "For Hope," "Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story," "Sirens" and "Rescuers: Stories of Courage."  Delany's film credits include "Wide Awake," "Fly Away Home," "Tombstone," "Housesitter," "Live Nude Girls," "Exit to Eden," "Light Sleeper," "Moon Over Parador," "Masquerade," "Patty Hearst," "Where the River Runs Black" and "Almost You."  Her stage credits include the Pulitzer prize-winning play "Dinner with Friends," as well as "A Life" on Broadway" and Nicholas Kazan's "Bloodmoon." 

Anna Deavere Smith is best known for her role as National Security Advisor Nancy McNally on "The West Wing."  She also starred in the television movie "Fires in the Mirror" and appeared in the television series "The Practice." Her feature film credits include "Soup for One," "Philadelphia," "Dave," "The American President" and "Twilight: Los Angeles." She will be appearing in the upcoming movie "The Human Stain."  Smith is also a playwright and author.  She has written and performed a series of one-woman plays about racial tensions in American cities.  The series,  entitled "On  the Road:  A Search for  the  American Character ," includes the plays "Twilight: Los Angeles 1992," which earned her an Obie Award and a Tony Award nomination, "Fires in the Mirror," which earned an Obie Award and was runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize, and "House Arrest."  Her book Talk to Me is a chronicle of her journey to Washington, D.C. to understand the presidency, the press and how Americans communicate with their leaders.

Sasha Alexander's television credits include "Dawson's Creek" and "Wasteland." She has also had memorable guest turns on "Friends," "Greg the Bunny," "The Tracey Ullman Show" and, on the Network, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." In features, she starred in the romantic comedy "All Over the Guy."  Her previous feature film credits include "Twin Falls, Idaho," "Man on the Moon" and "Lucky 13," on which she also served as producer. 

Julianne Nicholson's television credits include roles in "Ally McBeal" and "The Others" as well as "Law and Order," "Storm of the Century," "Della Ventura," "New York Undercover" and "Nothing Sacred."              Her feature film credits include "I'm With Lucy," "What Happened to Tully," "Passion of Mind," "The Love Letter," "One True Thing," "Harvest," "Long Time Since," "Curtain Call," "In God's Hands," "Speakeasy" and "The Visitors." 

Oded Fehr is best known as Ardeth Bay in the feature films "The Mummy," his first screen role, and "The Mummy Returns." His role garnered him the title of People Magazine's 1999 "Sexiest Import."  He also appeared in the film "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo."  His television credits include the series "UC: Undercover," as well as the television movies "Cleopatra" and "Arabian Nights."  He also appeared in the series "The Knock" and the mini-series "Killer Net" on British Television. 

British-born actor Paul Blackthorne starred as Captain Andrew Russell in the Oscar-nominated Indian film "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India."  His prior feature film credits include "The Truth Game," "Romeo Thinks Again" and "Rhythm & Blues."  On television, Blackthorne appeared in the British productions "Holby City," "Jonathan Creek," "Peak Practice" and "The South Bank Show."  Among his stage credits are "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Branded."