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Webposted: April 2, 2002
by: Kay Kellam

I can't help but love it!

            Why tune in time and again?  Maybe it is as simple as three great guys representing three different stages in life going back and forth in very comfortable conversation in the middle of the night.  

            I'm really not sure what it is about these guys that works -- but they do!

            I will never forget a somewhat serious conversation about the way in which mannequins have changed over the years, and how the body shape has been adjusted over the decades... and Mario Lopez is giving a very nice serious analysis of what decade had the bigger muscles, and when the mannequins were more of the slender cut guys, and the next thing you know Danny Bonaduce is running over and peeking in the guys shorts to see how anatomically correct they were!  I laughed so loud I was sure I was going to wake up my neighbors!

            The hype says these guys are there to help women understand.  I'm not sure I understand a lot more about men, but I do understand that these three guys in particular are damned funny, and a lot of fun to watch in action.

            The hype says Mario is the young single guy, Danny is the married with a small kid guy, and Dick Clark... well we all know he has been around since the dawn of time, so what better guy to speak from experience.

            In a recent episode they played a game where they  were given photos of three celebrity women and they had to pick one to marry, one for a fling, and one to just say no way to.  Well, they'd been taught the game backstage, but not with the photos they would be using on air so their decisions would not be particularly well thought out, but would be instinctive.  The look on Dick Clark's face when he saw the choices were Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky and Amy Fisher was priceless!  And a few minutes later he's telling the guys they have to clean up the set because they can't bring guests out on to a messy set!   Yes, he's a professional with years of experience to fall back on, and as a result he becomes the father figure of the show, with Danny and Mario seeming to have the time of their lives as the audience sits back and watches.

            To find out when they guys are airing in your area click here and you will be transported to the map on their site.  In my particular area the show airs at 2:30 in the morning, though I have no doubt it is just as much fun at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m.  The fun is watching three guys with a great sense of humor face life... and yes, I guess I have learned a bit from them about how guys face life and I have to agree with them when they say how guys face life is something women need help understanding!

            To catch a glimpse of upcoming titles click here or to simply find out more about the guys (as their site calls them) click here.

            Their goal is to show us the world of women through the eyes of men... and it couldn't be more fun, so with a broad smile on my face I heartily recommend giving these guys a chance.

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