I just heard about the Sci-Fi and Toy Expo in Plano Texas, do you know anything about it?

First and foremost, in our experience most cons do their best to put up a good and informative website.  Whether or not you feel it was good or informative, they have tried, and we commend them for that effort!

In the case of the Plano Sci-Fi and Toy Expo we can go a step further and say they succeed! (Does this sound like you? "I found your site after the Sci-Fi Expo took down their page for the event in Plano July 14-15.  What did it look like?"  See it here!)

Where most convention sites say to stay tuned for up to the minute updates, this one means it!  Author Kay Kellam signed at the Plano Expo and said she didn't even know about the event until Thursday July 12 at 11:30 p.m.  Upon hearing about it she said she e-mailed the coordinator (Ben) and asked about signing there.  Friday in the early A.M.'s he e-mailed back go for it, and by noon Friday there was an announcement on the sci-fi Expo's website as well as Kay Kellam's saying she would be there!

Their site gives you a basic plan of what will be going on when, and explains how things like the autograph line will work.

Their site gives a good run down of their autograph policy, and the autograph line seems to run very smoothly.  There is seemingly little time "wasted" in line as they call groups of tickets ie "0-100 you are now welcome at the autograph area" and then twenty minutes later "200 and under you are now welcome at the autograph area" and keep the line both moving, and relatively short.  A wonderful system!  We heard no one complaining about any part of that process!

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