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Monday, September 30, 2002

Crossing Jordan

What a great episode. I was hoping that the new doc would get a little character development in this episode, there were several chances for it... but they weren't really taken. The only thing we got was her fighting to keep her co-workers alive, and yet at the end she was holding yet another press conference, making it seem that she knew the headlines wouldn't look nearly so good if all her co-workers didn't make it out in one piece.

Jordan on the other hand got off some great lines about being obsessive and compulsive! Some wonderful and honest remarks about her own character.


I'm looking forward to another trip to Everwood tonight.

It's rare that a show captivates me to the point that I look forward to the next time it will be on, but I want to see these characters grow and evolve. They are very real human beings with a very real story to be told, and I am thrilled with the story that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Also tonight is the premier of Still Standing. (It is during the second half of Everwood so I'll have to give my VCR another work out) It should be quite good. Mark Addy did beautiful work in both A Knight's Tale and Time Machine, and I believe he will do very well in Still Standing. I am hopeful this show will be in the Still Standing category come the end of the season!

Saturday, September 28, 2002

It is hard for any show to live up to the zing and spark that makes a good pilot just that, a good pilot. A good pilot sells you on a premise, the characters, and the reason for those characters to be together, and to draw us in each week. Firefly had a good pilot, and while episode two showed a lot of things that just didn't need to be shown, that is true of much of today's television and film. We've gotten so impressed with the special effects we can do, that we leave less and less up to the audience members imagination.

That tirade aside, Firefly episode two was good enough I'll be tuning in again next week!

John Doe was likewise very good -- and the pacing is much improved now that the boring accumulation of wealth and temporary identify has been dealt with!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Tonight's season openers of JAG and the Guardian delivered GOOD old fashioned entertainment. JAG had me upset at times, praying along side the characters -- but that is after all good television.

I'll tune in to Presidio Med again tomorrow night -- but it may be just a bit more blood than I can handle. I felt like I only listened to about half the episode -- there were several times when I thought they could have left a little bit more up to the audience's imagination. That said there were good characters, most of whom evolved with distinct qualities and became if not out and out memorable, at least identifiable as being different people.

We've got some minor maintenance on the servers tonight, so the daily update to the Television page will happen around noon-time tomorrow.

I will go ahead and note here that JAG and The Guardian premier tomorrow night on CBS. Other premiers will be noted on the main Television Page tomorrow afternoon.


I have to admit, I am really liking this show. I watched the second episode tonight and while I do wish these characters would take the plunge and say certain things to one another (like Treat Williams sharing his revelation with his son) I enjoy the fact that audience gets to know this revelation and gets to wait and wonder how, if ever, his son will come to understand it.

It won't be as simple as gathering around the table for dinner, and yet around the table at dinner may just be when his son has a similar revelation.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Becker isn't on Monday nights any more! I was thinking about that tonight as I was preparing to tune in to tomorrow nights shows -- and realized Becker ain't on the list! He's already made the move to Sunday night, and starting October 6 he'll be all new episodes at that.

As for the site, lots going on in the Television section of the site -- but that's to be expected with the new season finally under way. We've got lists of premier dates up for the major networks -- and each day this month we are announcing on the main Television Page what shows are premiering that night, sorted by network.

So, one an all, enjoy the new season!

Sunday, September 22, 2002
The Emmys

Aside from the usual long speeches, many of which seemed to end with folks reading the teleprompter that read "wrap please" it was a fun, and funny, ceremony.

It was nice to see the 4 big networks (I'm old enough I remember when there were only 3) recognized for America: A Tribute to Heroes, which was an amazing sign of solidarity at a time when America, and the world at large, needed to be pulled back together.

All in all, not a bad way to spend an evening.


Looks like I'll be adding a "We Say" to the LA Law Movie page -- and this I of the we thought the movie was a great two hour ep! Lots of fun.

I'm also working on pages for John Doe, and Firefly, which were very enjoyable in their premiers.

Friday, September 20, 2002
No premiers tomorrow! Go figure.

But that means I can watch the rerun LA Law the Movie without guilt. (Which is good since I missed it the first time it aired.)

Tonights Firefly and John Doe were both enjoyable pilots. I'm glad I tuned in -- will post reviews hopefully over the weekend, but more likely on Monday. The most important thing to say at this point though is that I enjoyed them enough to want to tune in again next week.

What I like About you on the other hand has been taped to watch over the weekend. I always enjoyed Jennie Garth's work, so I'm hopeful this will be more of the same.

Final note -- Igby Goes Down review has been posted in the movie review section.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

The start of the new season is often confusing, so, in an effort to ease some of that confussion we've posted a calendar for September and October, with the days full of the shows premiering. We have made calendars organized by network and by time slot. I'm sorry to say these may not print nicely -- but you can easily copy out of any block what's on today and print a day at a time that way. Maybe by the time the new season begins next year we will have come up with one that prints real nice.


So I checked out the premier of Fastlane on Fox tonight -- what a fun show! I enjoyed it greatly! And I have to admit, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would... so in a matter of hours there should be a review to that effect up in the Television Section of

Note from the Editor -- the aforementioned review is Up at

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
I posted the notice reminding viewers of the Cosby A Look Back show on NBC...

... and have to admit that reminder got at least one person to tune in, me. That was a fun look back on the show. So many shows, like Facts of Life and Growing Pains, reunite the cast in an effort to recapture what they once had. These actors didn't want to try and top something that had been so great -- instead they just wanted to share it with us, to make us laugh as they have so many times before -- and they did!

Monday, September 16, 2002
Television pages are being added, played with, and generally updated like crazy cuz guess what folks -- the New Season has begun. So Stargate has abandoned us to go in Reruns until January, but the three networks are all trying to see if they can't fill that void left in my life. Here's hoping they can! (Though I know I'll still be tuning in to Stargate every Friday like clockwork come January!)

Could it be true?

I think all of the Dragon*Con photos are at long last posted. It's taken a while to neaten them up, get them into categories, and get them out there, but they have been well worth the wait... I think. So, to scan all our albums and find what interests you Go Here. Or if you would like to go directly to an album, try one of these links:

Dragon*Con Andreas Katsulus' Album

Dragon*Con Babylon 5 Cast Reunion

Dragon*Con Nichelle Nichols

Dragon*Con Robert Picardo

Dragon*Con Star Trek Next Gen Guest Stars

Dragon*Con Walk of Fame

And in listing the albums I note that we don't seem to have put up our Stargate photos yet... so hopefully I'll have that album to announce tonight.

And because people have asked about any photos I may have had taken of me with the actors -- since that is part of why they are there, to pose for photos with those who like their work, we have an album of me with folks I've met over the years, including shots from Dragon*Con Kay Kellam with Actors Photo Album is Here

Ah, and an update early in the day, whatever is the world coming to!


I love the new TV season -- especially in the modern age. The internet is changing so much of the world in which we live, right down to how we greet the new TV season. The network websites each get a new more polished look -- and in the case of Alias it is time for another web game, this season it seems two! Ah, and a new url that shortcuts you straight to the alias pages at

So I'll leave you with two Alias headlines -- Jennifer Garner was interviewed on location for the Tuesday Sept 17 ABC Fall Preview Show -- but if you miss her there, not to worry, she'll be on Leno's show Sept 27th, and is in every other magazine out on the newstands this month, or so it seems!

Sunday, September 15, 2002
The New Season has begun!

At least I hope it has as I've started seeing new shows, and am hopeful that this week will bring some nice/fun season openers.

I've got more Dragon*Con pictures to upload, and I'm at that nice place where it is fun to look back on Dragon*Con and remember all the fun I had, so I think it is time to write my second follow up article. Be looking for that to appear on the site in the coming week!

Hope all are having a good weekend!

Friday, September 13, 2002

I figured I'd post the banner I've made of photos of one of our favorite panelists from Dragon*Con as todays image of the day.

Today was work over on the TV portion of the site, with an update to the Judging Amy page -- more such updates will come in the next two weeks as the new TV season ends at long last -- and we still have more Dragon*Con walk of fame photos to post, so be watching for announcements of those here.

Thursday, September 12, 2002
I hate behind the scenes days!

In the end I much prefer days where everything I do on the site is obvious and easy to spot -- but the reality is there are a lot of days like today that are spent adding merchandise links to the Enterprise the Verdict page, and doing things like that in hopes that these web affiliations will generate some added revenue towards covering our overhead.

Tomorrow should be a bit more fun, I've been asked to get some articles up for the coming season on CBS! And given our convention/events season is winding down this blog may move over to the TV section or up to the main poparts section and become more of a general daily update page -- which I've been using it as a lot already!

So, with Teryl Rotherly's smiling face on this entry to remind you we have a page up about her panel at Dragon*Con, and a quick note that pictures from Dragon*Con are going up for sale:

Dragon*Con Babylon 5 Cast Reunion
Dragon*Con Robert Picardo
Dragon*Con Star Trek Next Gen Guest Stars

I shall once again call it a night.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Most of today has been spent working on the shopping links. It is remarkable how much merchandise is available -- and once again it is England that already has season 1 of Enterprise available on Video tape.

I think tomorrow I shall take a break from working on the behind the scens type stuff, and the links to shopping opportunities, and instead will work on getting photo albums in place from Dragon*Con. The banner above contains just a few samples of some wonderful photos we captured at Dragon*Con

Monday, September 09, 2002
Today has been a behind the scenes kinda of day -- gathering links for shopping guides based on various shows, and getting ready for the coming season!

Sunday, September 08, 2002
Well it tis the weekend, but being me I've been doing some work for and hopefully in the coming days not only will the Dragon*Con coverage be completed (the next goal is pages with quotes worth requoting from panels) but shopping guides will also be appearing! Yes, guides to help you find merchandise related to your favorite shows and actors that is available on the web though not everyone knows where to look for it.

Still posting Dragon*Con articles offering new stuff almost daily!

Friday, September 06, 2002

Among other interesting panels whose coverage has been added today is that of the Enterprise: The Verdict panel at which one thing was very clear -- a lot of people haven't made up their minds about this show just yet, but a few most definitely have.

For the complete list of Dragon*Con articles posted to date click here Among other things you'll find my initial reaction to the convention. In a week or so I'll post a looking back reaction, for things always look better once your feet start feeling like a natural part of your body again, your stacks of neglected work get dealt with, and nothing but fun filled memories dance about your mind as you dream of flitting off to Atlanta, away from the chaos of daily life, once more.

I am posting Dragon*Con articles in as timely a manner as I can, so drop by daily to see what new stuff is up!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Article Posted


Articles are coming together!

The first article to be posted is up and ready for you to enjoy -- the Stargate Panel. It contains no show spoilers, but is merely a reaction to the fun that Teryl Rotherly moderated and Peter Williams and Sarah Douglas stepped up to bat for. There were jokes and bits of fun talked about -- lots of laughter and smiles, and proof positive that these three are experienced entertainers.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Chris Demetral and Kay KellamSorting through the pictures from Dragon*Con.

Lighting situations at conventions tend to be less than ideal -- and Dragon*Con was not an exception to the rule on that one. But here is a nice shot of me with actor Chris Demetral, a charming young man who knows how to deal with his fans, and made a lot of fans for life by dealing so well with them.

So with this photo I shall call it an update for the evening and go back to writing articles about the fantastic event known as Dragon*Con.


We are back from Dragon*Con and hard at work writing about the panels and time spent in the Walk of Fame area. It is amazing to watch these entertainers as dozens and then hundreds of people mill past them. These are people who are in the business of entertaining folks -- and an audience simply milling past doesn't quite work for them. They want to make you smile... they know you enjoy applauding their work and they want to earn that applause. Or so it seems!

So many fans came wanting to shake hands with their favorite actors and just say Thank You for a job well done, and many of the actors seemed to enjoy knowing how truly appreciated their work was. On the stage you have an audience there in the theater. When your punch line is just right you hear the roar of laughter, and when the work is superbly done you see the audience rise to their feet and applaud -- but in TV and Film you do not have that confirmation of affirmation of your work. Convention appearances if the closest you get and even then you aren't getting that per se -- as the actor is having to do something then and there to illicit your applause and laughter.

... but that is something I should jus copy and paste into one of the many articles I'll be posting in the coming days about Dragon*Con.

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Like any good website we need ads to help support our endeavor... so below you'll find ads and ways in which you can help keep online: