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This is where we plan to let you know about all things music that interest us and our site!  ;)

Since music groups that are hip hop and totally popular tend to have fewer problems getting the word out, we want to remind you of the less talked about groups albums etc.  Perhaps even remind you of a few old favs that the bigger sites haven't mentioned lately because they were Big as opposed to "... and are getting huge."

So, for our first two articles, I've decided to feature two gals that I got to thinking about.  When I was much younger, and the 1980's was the present not the distant past, Deborah Gibson (then known as Debbie) and Tiffany (then and now known only as Tiffany) were on the scene and everyone was taking notice.  So I decided to check back in on their careers and came to find that while one never slowed down for a moment, the other took time off to start a family, grow, and come back into the music world as an adult with a different sound, but the same old approach.

Looking for something we haven't posted an article on?  See what CD Now has...