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Thursday, August 29, 2002

We are gearing up to take everyone we've got from to Dragon*Con and hope to come back with loads of great stuff to share!

I decided to toss the pics of Virginia Hey up since she was kind enough to make the video for us -- and announce to her fans that she was looking forward to seeing one and all at Dragon*Con.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002
Sorry to say...

That lots of stuff is going on at but it is mostly behind the scenes stuff. I've decided to not try and "write" about every one of the autograph folks and such, as they are all wonderful and amazing people who make it a thrilling experience, so instead I've made sure there is a page with links to all of the photos taken at con which are up for sale.

Depending how things are/look at Dragon*Con I may or may not try and do write ups on every actors time on the "walk of fame" though I will def. try and get photos of all the fine folks who come, and write about any and all stand out moments. :) (Like Virginia Hey admiring the make up job of a fan who came dressed as Zhaan.)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Today's effort.

Today's progress was slow going -- but yesterday's article on Alias got me thinking about how hard it can be at times to find items related to our favorite shows for sale, so I went surfing the web and put together the stores for Andromeda and Alias. So now there is a page where you can go and find books about Alias, Andromeda DVDs, and pictures of the stars from each of the shows.

Hopefully these pages will grow with time, and will help kick a little money into the hopper to help the site do a better job of paying for itself.

So, with that quick note, I call my day done! :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Another Day Another Article

Alias -- that would be the show of the day! I finally decided to do a write up on the panel which was lacking in give aways on the plot, but as you'll read on the panel page there was certainly a bit of exciting info shared.

Saturday, August 17, 2002
Virginia Hey Exclusive!

A thank you to the fans for coming to see her in San Diego -- and at the bottom of the page an invitation to come see her at Dragon*Con!


Virginia Hey

Since we're trying new things...

I figured I'd go ahead and try something new with the Autograph Area section for the 2002 San Diego Comic Con. We'll see how it goes. I'm going to post new entries on the main Autograph Area page... and as a newer article is written, it will be featured on the main Autograph Area page. So things will move around while new articles are being written, but that means simply checking the Autograph Area page will show you the most recent article, and give links to the older articles.

Let me know if you like this, or if the pages moving around frustrates you.

So the first article up in this style is the lovely Ms. Virginia Hey! (Who was also at the San Diego Comic Con last year.)

And, as always, you can buy photos of her from our site.

Thursday, August 15, 2002
My Photos on Light Speed Fine Art's Stargate Page Check it out!

We'll be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta labor day weekend -- and who knows, maybe we'll get photos of Stargate folks there to share with Light Speed Fine Art as well!

Another day another article -- well in this case I got two up today, and we'll hope for another two tomorrow.

The second for today was about the Tribune Trilogy Panel at the San Diego Comic Con -- with the lovely Victoria Pratt, Lauren Lee Smith, Forbes March and John Shea representing Mutant X, and Lexa Doig and Laura Bertram showing up for Andromeda. The panel was a lot of fun -- as I hope you can tell from my article. And like all the other photos, you can buy copies of the photos from this panel to help support

I should note why we always encourage folks to buy our photos and help support the site -- well, lets start with running a website ain't free, at least not when you buy the domain name and find a host that will let you post 2,000 photos for each big con you attend. Then there is the expense of getting to each of the cons, taking the photos etc. We rely on the people who appreciate what we are doing helping to cover the expense. I guess that's part of why when we attend the cons we like to think we are representing others as well as attending for ourselves. We try to bring as much of the fun and mood of the convention back home to all those who weren't able to enjoy the convention with us.

Tomorrow I hope to post an official Tip the Site page -- and from now on I'll put a link to that in these entries. The idea is to put up a paypal link and make it easy for folks who don't need prints of the photos to let us know you do appreciate what we are doing. (And we may just toss in some really low amounts for those who want to let us know you think we are wasting our time! ;) )

Articles from Con are finally getting up there!

Well, I should clarify, my articles. John Mayo has already posted all his pictures -- because as usual he is the more organized of the two of us. But I am finally getting articles to go up with my pictures (which just like last year are available to be bought to help support the site.)

And while I'm here -- I think I'll experiment with tossing a photo into an entry!

So, the first article is here all about Corin Nemec's panel and autograph signing session.

Hopefully I'll get more done today! ;)

A new way of doing a what's new page -- we'll see how well it works. But the hope is to put an entry here each time something is added to the events portion of

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Like any good website we need ads to help support our endeavor... so below you'll find ads and ways in which you can help keep online: