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Webposted August 8,2002
Kay Kellam

Comic Con has come and gone -- and a great time seems to have been had by one and all.  According to what we heard at con 65,000 people pre-registered for this years con, and 35,000 or more may have registered on site!  (We look forward to getting final numbers from the organizers!)

Our Con Report by John Mayo is coming together, and again this year we were able to shoot every booth, and the majority of the actors who came to do autographs.

Click here for a series of links to our photos of the actors who came to con -- and like last year we have set it up so you can buy copies of your favorite photos.  (Our photo printing service has announced free shipping on orders over $20 using the promo code SHP08  -- good in August 2002 only, so order your photos today)

And keep checking back, as it is my goal to add an article a day on the various actors who came to San Diego Comic Con to thank their fans for being just that, fans!  As articles are added they will be listed here and here, and hopefully in a list below this paragraph!

2002 San Diego Comic Con Actor Pics at
Autograph Area
San Diego Comic Con
Stargate at Con
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Tribune Trilogy
Virginia Hey caught in the San Diego Autograph Area by Kay Kellam and
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It's almost here!

The annual San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us, and I am sorry to say that little if any advance information has come out way.  So it is a challenge to set expectations and let folks know what we hope awaits. 

You can of course visit our coverage of last years comic con and stay tuned for what tidbits do come our way as we will be quick to share them!

For instance:

Comic-Con Celebrates 25 Years of Star Wars! Comic-Con Celebrates 25 Years of Star Wars!
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

Direct to you from San Diego Comic Con:

Not so long ago in a galaxy in Southern California…

As George Lucas’ Star Wars celebrates it’s 25th anniversary in 2002, Comic-Con looks back 26 years ago to one of the first announcements of the time- and space-spanning saga that has thrilled millions of people around the world.

In honor of this anniversary, Comic-Con is showcasing a number of Star Wars related programs during this year’s convention, August 1-4, at the San Diego Convention Center.

The centerpiece presentation is a special behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This program features a look back at the movie that spawned the summer's toughest action hero: Yoda! Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet gives us a look at the story, the love angle, the music, the action sequences and behind-the-scenes at ILM in specially-cut mini-documentaries. Also a look at the worldwide reaction to "Clones" and some of the funniest moments on TV surrounding the opening. Plus a look ahead as George Lucas prepares the final chapter of the Star Wars saga. All of this action takes place on Saturday, August 3, starting at 10:30 a.m. in the brand-new Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center.

In addition, Dark Horse Comics plans a panel on their officially-licensed Star Wars Comics on Friday, August 2, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m, in Room 7B. Expect some of the comics creators and editors for a lively discussion on this popular line of books.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Comic-Con also gives you all 45 of the best Star Wars Fan Films as picked by Lucasfilm and! This incredible event takes place on Friday, August 2, starting at 1:00 p.m. in Room 1AB as part of the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. Some of the filmmakers will be on hand to introduce their films. A complete list of the films appears below; as we get closer to the event, we’ll let you know which filmmakers will be appearing.

Star Wars and Comic-Con: The Force is with us!

Star Wars Fan Films (courtesy Lucasfilm Ltd. and

A Green Hope
A New Dope
Alex Strikes Back
Dantana Morse for Galactic Senator
Darth Vader’s Psychic Hotline
Figure Club
Galactic Feud
Luke Flips Out!
Silent But Deadly
Sparring Program
Spoiler Wars
Star Wars Toys That Never Were Made
Star Wars: Action Figures
SW ProjectThe Womp Ratz Anthology
Waiting for Jar Jar
1-800-GET R2D2
Christmas Tauntauns
Words of Jedi Wisdom
Star Wars: Attack of the Anxieties
Lloyd Stormtrooper
Star Wars: A Christmas Carol
Dream of the Jedi
Jawas Gone Wild
The World According to Darth
Star Thumbs – Wheel of Misfortune
Your Lightsaber and You
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Vote Wars
Womb Wars
Phantom Menace Prologue
Star Wars or Bust
Womb Wars: The Special Edition
Jabba Wookiee
Darth Vader: The Rudy Pirani Story
Fandom Menace
Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth
Pod Commuting
The Unconscious Jedi
Wan-Abi: The Making of a Fan Film
Andy’s Episode
Jar Jar’s Walking Papers
Power of the Sith
Empire of One

Visit for more information on the Star Wars Fan Films.

Another Decade of San Diego Comic-Con Coverage: 

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