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Thursday, October 31, 2002
Sports Night now on DVD

For those who liked the sitcom Sports Night here is your chance to relive the fun:

Sports Night: The Complete Series

Sports Night: The Complete Series

Felicity Huffman, Josh Charles, Joshua Malina, Peter Krause, Sabrina Lloyd, Robert Guillaume
The acclaimed television sitcom now on DVD!

Fox's Girls Club -- the second and final episode.

I just watched the second, and final, episode of Girl's Club to air -- and have to admit that I was growing attached to the characters, I was starting to care about their struggles, and wanting to see how things would evolve. Given how rarely I watch a FOX show that says far more than one might realize. I guess I'm not the typical target audience for FOX as this is the first season in a long time that I've tuned in to even one FOX show, much less several each week. Girl's Club would have been added to the list of shows I tried to watch every week -- and didn't want to miss, had the rug not been pulled out from under it.

I understand low ratings and the need to draw an instant audience -- but given the amount of competition for a viewer's time these days I think that is unrealistic.

My bit of advice for FOX? Film a wrap up to the series and release the 6 episodes in the can, and the wrap up that gives an "ending" to the series, on DVD. There are people like me who will want to know where those characters ended up. (And since we're doing a wrap up here, feel free to skip ahead a bit in time, wrap up the plots that were going in episode 6, but show us that we invested in these women for a reason. Show each of the three lead gals having gotten at least one big step closer to their ultimate goals.)


NBC won't be airing back to back episodes on Sundays as previously planned -- but they are having very strong Sunday showings with American Dreams kicking off the evening.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
I would never want anyone to mistake this post for a remark that I thought Fox's Girl's Club was great television, for it most certainly needed time to grow and evolve -- time for the audience to get attached to the characters and truly want to tune in week after week -- that said I am incredibly disappointed that the show has been cancelled after just two airings.

Further, knowing that 6 episodes were in the can that means four are going to be wasted -- that is 6 million dollars already spent, and they seem to think it is cheaper to just throw that aside and never air it! That is just another part of the "logic" that makes decisions at the networks that I don't get.

As I said, I don't think Girl's Club was the greatest show ever made, but I'd like to have seen more than just the pilot, and have a clue if the characters were taking shape, or if the shows life was simply cut short because someone at FOX didn't dig the first two shows. (Okay, someone at Fox, and then we have to account for the 19 million viewers that tuned in for a rerun of Everybody Loves Rayond rather than try a new drama, but Comedy and Drama fans are not always the same folks.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Tonight was another good night on CBS. JAG had a fun sexual harrasment case -- and Judging Amy proved a cell phone is good for something, like calling a friend when you are truly in need of one.

Monday, October 28, 2002
CBS orders FULL SEASONs of FOUR shows the sitcom Still Standing, and the dramas Without A Trace, Hack, and CSI: Miami have all been picked up for a total of 22 episodes.


Everwood is a great family drama -- and tonight will put the characters to the test as young Ephram prays his father can save the brain, and bring back to true life from a coma, the boy he wishes had never been born, for poor coma bound Collin beat him to the heart of his one true love. It is a great bit of agony, to help save the life of the one who in many ways will take the one real joy from your own life -- and that is what makes this great drama.

Sunday, October 27, 2002


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I love the way this show depicts life in the 60s. Things had been sepate but equal, in name only -- and they do a brilliant job of showing how similar family life was for Mr. Pryor's family and Henry's family. With the fact Henry calls his boss Mr. P. and the fact tha Mr. Pryor calls his employee Henry one of the few signs that life for them is very different. But they related to their kids in the same protective manner -- and each night they each tuck their children in and say a silent prayer for them to live in a better future.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

The District tonight was different than most episdoes, complete with segments where cast members spoke directly to the camera in character. Those segments would have been better if they had been set up in some way, if the audience had specifically been clued in to the fact these were conversations with God, inner confessions to ones soul, something that would make them a part of the episode.

That said the episode wasn't bad, just a bit slow, confussing -- and a lot heavier than most.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Firefly tonight was a lot more downbeat than usual, but we learned a great deal about the characters. The sense of humor was there -- but it was not the usual over-riding tone, it was an occasional aspect to the show. And even when the characters got a great belly laugh the audience was deprived of the joke, and left with a fraction of the punch line.

NBC Announces... Hidden Hills picked up for the full season.

Having seen one episode of this show I can understand the attraction -- as the commercials say it is a lot like your life, only funnier, they just neglect to mention, on one of the worst days imaginable!

I laughed like crazy as a guy confessed he was having an affair with himself.


Firefly is a fun show to tune in to week after week, and I doubt this week will be an exception. Furthering my anticipation of tonight's episode is this remark about tonight's ep on today from Joss Whedon: "It has a number of flashbacks to how the crew got together," he continues, "so it's a really good way to learn how it all began. For somebody meeting the characters for the first time, it's a real insight into who they are."

This is not the unaired pilot, but some backstory on how this gang came together.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
NBC and Good Morning, Miami in particular get a nod from me tonight for taking the time to insert the line of dialogue "Gluten Free Waffles" for Gluten intollerant people it's kinda nice to hear Gluten free foods acknowledged on national television, even if it's nearly lost amid a rant.

Birds of Prey

I'm not totally sold on the show, I enjoy it, in fact I downright LOVE Shemar Moore's performances, and the gals playing oracle and Dinah are great, but Huntress, Alfred, and the shrink aren't quite doing it for me.

I'll tune in again to see Shemar Moore try and figure out where the line between good and evil has been drawn, but I'm hoping Huntress grows on me, as this is a show with a lot of potential.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I love Tuesday nights on CBS, from ending with Judging Amy which is a wonderful family drama. But the night starts with JAG and runs through the Guardian where I have finally figured out how he can be a corporate lawyer and guard a kid a week in his spare time, but I'm having one hell of a time keeping track of the name of the Law Firm Nick Fallin works at from one week to the next. The Child Services group has changed names once, and he's gone from Fallin & Assoc, to Cauldwell & Assoc, to Fallin and Straka to Fallin & Fallin! Wow!

Monday, October 21, 2002

With Jag coming on tomorrow/tonight (tuesday night) I figured it was time to go in search of Jag related items and make a JAG store. I was delighted to see that the 2 hour pilot from NBC can be gotten on Video tape. Didn't have much luck in looking for the novel I know came out a while back, but was astounded at the number of pictures for sale via web stores! Definitely worth Checking Out.


Tonight is another Monday night -- which means another chance to visit with the slightly nuts Brown family and check out the folks in Everwood, Colorado.

It's a nice show, heartwarming and yet complicated characters and actual drama to keep the viewers interest for each hour it's on.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Just wanted to confirm that the back to back episodes are a rerun of last weeks leading into a new episode this week -- which should be good as right now Meg is being asked out, and 50 minutes from now she should be headed out on her date!

It will be interesting to see how "Sam" does at East Catholic, as this show is appreciating the time it is in, and easing into the segregation issues that confused a generation -- or two or three generations for that matter.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

So many shows, like American Dreams, get so much hype before they come out that my inclination is to not tune in. Rarely if ever can something live up to the hopes that the hype inspires.

That said, I am truly enjoying American Dreams -- and NBC seems to be gearing up to take pity on those who might miss a week, as they are going to start airing back to back episodes, and if I understand correctly they will show last weeks and this weeks back to back. (But this point may need further investigation.)

For now we've added our American Dreams page, complete with links to American Bandstand collections -- and some of Joey Lawrence's previous work.

Over in our Talent section we've added shopping guides for Virginia Madsen and Gail O'Grady, both of whom are giving knockout performances!


The District is a consistently entertaining show -- Sean Patrick Thomas is a very good, very natural actor. His battle with the secret of having faced trouble with drugs, and been victorious and now faced drugs once more and had a far tougher battle than he ever imagined he would was well played. Like an alcoholic who stares at a glass of wine and refrains from drinking it he faced drugs -- and shook -- but the audiences attention did not waver. That is a good performance.

Friday, October 18, 2002

John Doe...

The question now exists -- did we actually learn who John Doe's parents were tonight? Is he actually... unknown Prescott? No answers were ever actually given.

We saw a baby photo -- but no computer wizardry to age it. His "father's" ex-wife sure thought he was a dead ringer -- but his "mother's" cousin never saw his father to know? His "mother" didn't give the cousin a picture of each parent for the kid to know what his parents looked like?

Several seasons from now we could easily find out this was all just a big load of misinformation -- deception, and a great deal of fun!

As for Firefly, that was some more fun. Not as light and fun as usual -- but it has definitely maintained its level better than most shows.


Somewhere In The Night [Single]

I must confess, I knew that Scott Bakula sang, and quite well at that on Quantum Leap, but I never imagined there was a Quantum Leap CD out there until I began work on the Scott Bakula shopping guide tonight! Now there's an item I just might have to pick up!


Friday is rapidly becoming my favorite night of the week. I look forward to Firefly time and again. I love the wagon train in the stars -- and I can't help but wonder what kind of trouble these guys are going to get in to. The show has a fun sense of humor and the actors truly feel as though they are in character and have definite relationships with one another.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Murder of Crows (1998)

I was looking around for info on the web with regards to Without A Trace as I worked on my page about the show and I kept coming back to Marianne Jean-Baptiste. I couldn't place why but in each episode I've watched she has struck me as so very familiar. And Finally I realized... a Murder of Crows!

She plays Cuba Gooding Jr.'s friend in A Murder of Crows and gives a wonderful performance!

Another very good reason to be watching Without A Trace week after week!


Enterprise last night wasn't bad... the doctor and the captain had a little character development in the episode, but there was nothing great about it either.

I do take it as a bit of a miracle that they remembered offending the aliens in a past episode -- and how they offended them -- but there was never any explanation given for how Porthos got sick (if the aliens knew and could have prevented it they do seem like jerks for not speaking up -- it would have been a good idea, and they seem full of good ideas for Archer and his crew) but Star Trek has never felt the need to give the viewers all they want.

Well, tonight is Without A Trace and I'm hoping I'll enjoy tonights episode as much as I enjoyed last weeks!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


The Net.

I'm back from my trip east (leave it to me to head east in a car with no clue there is a snipper on the lose. Thankfully I had opted to exclude VA and MD from the trip, despite attractive offers in each) and saw The Net while I was off galavanting.

I was unsure how I'd feel about Jeremy Northam has a villain. I think he did beautifully in Emma, and loved his performance in Happy, Texas, so the Net was an odd feeling at first. He played his character well, in fact I loved the way he walked a few emotional tight ropes and left you wondering just how his character truly felt. Was he evil - or was he caught up in the events just as much as Angela Bennett?

A good film definitely worth watching.

28 Days/The Net DVD

In my hunt for a link to buy it online I saw that it is packaged along with 28 Days, which I have not seen but thought sounded good so I figured I'd toss up a chance to get the two together for one low price.

Or just get caught up in the
on DVD

Friday, October 11, 2002
Without a Trace

Well I'm still on the road, but managed to see Without A Trace last night, and yet again I enjoyed the episode very much. The show uses some wonderful effects to switch between the crime/abduction/disappearance and the FBI agents mid-search. Definitely a show folks should be checking out week after week after week.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

ABC lacks patience!

ABC has announced that after just two episodes of That Was Then they are pulling it from the schedule! Push, Nevada is also being pulled.

Some shows, like Alias, immediately click with an audience and hit big in the ratings, but some other shows need a little time to gather momentum and find their audience. I believe That was Then could have found its audience with a little time, and am very sorry to see it gone -- I'm also wishing I hadn't set a VCR for this Friday night as I'm off travelling and have no great need to get home to a taped episode of Americas Funniest Home Videos... which, as I recall, is this weeks substitute.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

A three day drive cross country does leave one with a little time to think -- in this case I thought a little about That Was Then. Ethan, the nephew our hero loves, adores, and destroyed, and is now determined to rescue is 11, as I recall. And we have gone back 14 years in time, as I recall. So it seems we have two seasons to get Ethan's folks together -- that's plenty of time for a lot of fun -- or so it seems to me!

As for Alias -- I miss that I missed it so I just had to toss up another banner -- and beg people not to e-mail me about it!

Sunday, October 06, 2002

I saw episode two last night and enjoyed it just as much as episode one. I love the fact that a song, which could just happen to be played at a party or on the radio, sends him back and forth in time! But he doesn't keep going back to the same point, rather he keeps moving forward in the past, but keeps ending up on the day before his 30th birthday, as if he has a zillion chances to try and give himself a great 30th birthday present.

I'll definitely be taping episode three while I'm out of the office for 10 days on a trip, and look forward to watching it when I get back.

Shame I have to leave on a Sunday and wait TEN DAYS to catch TWO eps of Alias on tape!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

At last I saw the first episode of That Was Then -- let's just say I'm headed to find whatever tape episode two is on and check it out!


The District is a consistently entertaining show -- though I was a tad disappointed that Ving Rhames didn't leap off the screen, he was there, he was in character... but he wasn't spectacular, and I guess after weeks of hearing he'd be on the show I was hoping for something spectacular.

The Agency on the other hand had a very good episode. The first I've watched, and it was good enough I'll be very tempted to tune in again.


Another nice episode.

The only way I can sum up why I am enjoying FireFly is because I come out of the episodes content. I'm not mad -- in fact I get some great laughs from them!

They are entertaining. Nothing brilliant -- just fun. A nice mix of the old west and bouncing about the stars looking for a bit of fun, maybe even a little mischief to get into.

I still get mad at episodes of Enterprise. They aren't bad so much as annoying! Why did we have to meet the Romulans? Why did we see the Ferengi that the next gen saw for the first time?? Things like that! Firefly doesn't come with the baggage. And no baggae can be a great thing -- just ask John Doe. That's what his date decided tonight when he finally confessed he has amnesia!

Friday, October 04, 2002

The Grinch - Grinch, The - Jim Carrey, Jeffrey Tambor  ( Posters )

Recognize Bess Armstrong from That Was Then??? Maybe you remember her from
"My So Called Life - Pilot, Dancing In The Dark, Guns and Gossip"

Or maybe the familiar face is Jeffrey Tambor who, among other projects, worked in the Grinch that Stole Christmas!

Whether it is the familiar faces that draw you in... or the rest of the talented cast that has undoubtedly spent their fair share of time paying dues in Hollywood, That was Then is a show worth checking out, tonight, on ABC, at 9/8 central.

The rest of the cast, for the record, is James Bulliard, Tyler Labine, Kiele Sanchez, Brad Raider, Tricia O'Kelley & Andrea Bowen -- and this is a group of fine folks who work very well together.

A good show needs a good cast -- a show that wants to draw attention right out of the gate needs recognized names, a great cast, and a load of publicity.

That Was Then has two names, a talented cast -- and just needs more attention on it if it is to succeed.


Jennie Garth - Garth, Jennie - Pic 5  ( Glossy Photos )

Jennie Garth - Garth, Jennie - Pic 1  ( Glossy Photos )

Jennie Garth - Garth, Jennie - Pic 2  ( Glossy Photos )

Tonight on the WB... What I Like About You, with Jennie Garth. (Like the pictures above? Click on one to buy yours today!)

In the coming weeks we'll have more of our shopping guides online -- including one for this very talented young lady who entertained fans for more seasons than we can count on 90210. But she was also the star of the made for tv movie STAR! And her light shone just as bright there. So we'll be looking for ways to help you pick up your copy of STAR and other Jennie Garth related items.


Another great night of Television. With Firefly and John Doe on Fox -- and me being very thankful for the invention of the VCR which will catch That Was Then tonight.

I've got a friend who taped last weeks episode, so we may just have a two episode marathon, get totally caught up on what's going on and let you know in the near future just how much we love this show. I suspect we'll love it because the premise is great! A guy goes back in time to get the girl he lost -- and screws up his life in the process! It goes so well with my personal motto "nothing is ever simple!"

Thursday, October 03, 2002
Without a Trace!

Without a Trace is a compelling show. An hour is spent piecing together the last all important hours in the life of a missing person -- the last hours before they disappeared. It is a great mystery show in which we search for clues with the characters and assemble a jigsaw puzzle that means the difference between life and death.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

For those who watch Judging Amy you know that Bruce is one of those truly special characters on TV -- and the actor who brings him to life is a true joy to watch! So thank you very much folks at Judging Amy for keeping the cast together! With the season finale leaving so many characters the opportunity to leave it was nice to see the Gray clan, in all their dysfunctional glory, gathered around the dinner table once more.

As for tomorrow -- Enterprise has Romulans, which has potential... and Fastlane is off the air until Oct 30. I'm hoping that gives the powers that be over at Fastlane a little time to get their material back in the fast lane.

And Presidio Med is on once more -- here's hoping the drama keeps going upward and onward -- and we see a bit less of the guts.


October seems a LONG time to wait for a season premier (and 24 doesn't premier until the END of October, and a few shows are even PLANNING to start up in November!) but at last, October is here, and so is Judging Amy. This is a show that has the knack for ending every season with a story such that any or almost all the actors could disappear during the summer. Here's hoping that as things gets wrapped up we don't lose any of our favorite characters!

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